Sustainably being Sustainable

This year when planning out the shows we wanted to be at. We decided to take a different approach. To build on the success of last year we wanted to attend more shows, launch more new designs whilst also being more sustainable and reducing our impact.

At last years shows I observed the great amount of waste created for just a three-day show. Although I couldn’t change other people we wanted to try and reduce at least the waste we were creating whilst also reducing our costs enabling us to do more shows.

This is when we came up with the idea for this stand. It’s made from sustainable materials, packs down to fit in our storeroom and is re-usable. We don’t waste a tin of paint for every show, we are re-using our vinyl logos and imagery because they stay on the panels and the flowers either carry on to the next show or get planted out when we get home in our garden. It is also bolted together meaning no screws are wasted either. This all means we’ve reduced our impact on the environment and been able to afford a fourth show this year. Come and see me at Autumn Fair Hall 4, stand 4D71. We have already exhibited at Top Drawer Spring, PG Live (Where we launched the stand) and Home and Gift Harrogate.

At Autumn Fair we will also be launching our new 100% recycled envelopes and a new collection of 16 Christmas little notes printed onto 100% recycled 350gsm paper. Please come and take a look.Sarah from Spots giving me her Golden Ticket

The next step for Penguin Ink will be looking into our Cellophane bags. They are currently made from 100% polypropylene which is recyclable. However, it’s not widely recyclable in the UK. There are a few products out there that claim to be biodegradable or compostable but the evidence is murky. Data suggests that they don’t break down enough and so can be more harmful to animals and the environment and that the process to make them is worse for the environment in the first place. I don’t feel ‘going naked’ is going to work as many of my customers are worried about stock getting ruined by dirty hands and envelopes getting lost. Unfortunately, it’s not an easy answer but I don’t want to switch just for the sake of appearing green.