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Send a card, deliver a smile

To both thank the staff at Flo’s school for all they’re doing and have done during the pandemic and encourage sending cards this week I dropped off a box of cards to their staff room for the staff to send to their nearest and dearest at this difficult time. After last nights announcement, now more than ever we need to do our best to stay in touch with our friends and families in different ways and who doesn’t love to receive a special card with a handwritten note inside.

If you’re not aware of thinking of you week, the idea is to help create a wave of happiness by sending cards during this week every year. It could be to just say hello, send love, make them laugh or smile, a supportive message, or just to say I’ve been thinking of you. This year it’s been even more important to stay in touch.

During lockdown, we weren’t able to see Jay and my only grandparent Nan Hawkes and we wanted to let her know she was in our thoughts and stay in touch. Every week Jay wrote his nan a letter in one of our cards and popped in a few photos of what we and the kids had been up to and sent it to her.

There are lots of lovely things going on this week to celebrate take a look at the hashtag #thinkingofyouweek or #sendacarddeliverasmile to find out what’s going on around you or visit the GCA website for their event.