I hope you are all well and staying safe at home in this unprecedented time. Obviously the effect on business has been less than ideal however I keep also reminding myself how lucky we are. I have two young children Florence (5) and Oliver (3) who are at such a lovely age. Lockdown comes with so many benefits that last week I found myself feeling guilty. Also because our house is also our HQ I’m still able to send out orders and remain open. Some of our stockists are online and so we’ve been helping them with free imagery and being able to keep them in stock. Online card sales for our stockists with sites have risen by up to 900% since lockdown. If you have an online shop or are thinking of getting online please get in touch for our professional images etc.

We have been keeping to the rules and showing our support for our wonderful NHS and support workers on a Thursday night. However, I can’t help feeling that we could do more. Greetings cards are at the heart of Penguin Ink and ours being blank means they can be sent for any reason even one such as this. We started by offering a free write and send direct service through our Etsy shop which has been very heartwarming, but still not enough.

I wanted to go a step further and my good friends and stockist Earlybird have had a really lovely idea. Heidy and her daughter hand-delivered little packs containing a free card and stamp to everybody on their street. Their neighbours can then send that card to someone they love. Making them feel a little less lonely or frightened in these uncertain times.

I felt inspired, so this week we’ll be doing the same in our street. Isn’t it lovely to unexpected receive post?

Stay safe, be kind and help how you can.

Love Lizzie