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First Aid Tiny Note Florist Card

  • Pack size: 50
  • Card size: 90 x 58 mm
  • Single-sided Florist cards
  • Letterpress printed in England on a vintage Original Heidelberg press
  • 100% recycled paper, milled in Germany
  • Envelopes available separately


First aid florist card


These charming flat cards are blank and ready for a personal message, perfect for little messages, thank you cards, place settings, and gift tags.

They come in a beautiful letterpress printed box, with a cut out window, which shows the letterpress cards within. Boxed in sets of 10 flat cards and 11 envelopes, it’s handy to have a spare for those little mistakes.

Card Size 58mm x 90mm

Box size 60 x 92 x 6mm

Sustainability is very important to us at Penguin Ink and therefore we use 100% recycled board for all our cards. As a result, our cards, envelopes, boxes, and glassine pouches are all recyclable. The tiny note cards are made from offcuts from our greeting cards. We also pride ourselves on the fact that our products are all made in the UK. If you’d like further details on the sustainability of our items please see our sustainability statement.

The technique Letterpress is beautiful and uses gorgeous old machines, it is a true craft. Therefore, the finished card has a tactile embossed finish which exudes quality with the thick paper stock and crisp pressed design. As a result, you won’t be able to stop touching your cards once they arrive, and neither will your customers. All our cards are single or two-colour prints from a carefully selected range of colours. Our limited colour palette allows cards from different collections to sit perfectly side by side.

We regularly refresh our ranges with new designs. Please click here to see what’s new.

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