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32 card Countertop Little Notes Spinner

40 pockets

32 card pockets

8 box pockets

Powder-coated graphite grey

Countertop spinner

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This is our perfect small countertop spinner. It holds 32 packs of 12 and 16 boxes from our little notes collection. If you’d like more information about this point of sale display please get in touch. The second photo shows you it made up as a Christmas spinner.


This spinner holds 8 Little Notes designs and 4 boxes on each side, with four sides. Total of 32 Little Notes designs and 16 boxes.

Spinner size 30 x 30 x 75

Little note Card Size 78mm x 107mm (C7 3.2 x 4.5 inches) in an 83 mm x 113 mm envelope.

Boxed little note size 85mm x 120mm x 20mm

All our cards are single or two-colour prints from a careful selected range of colours. Our limited colour palette allows cards from different collections to sit perfectly side by side on the spinner.

Sustainability is very important to us at Penguin Ink and therefore we use 100% recycled board for all our cards. As a result, our cards, envelopes, boxes, and glassine pouches are all recyclable. We also pride ourselves on the fact that our products are all made in the UK. If you’d like further details on the sustainability of our items please see our sustainability statement.

We regularly refresh our ranges with new designs. Please click here to see what’s new.

This illustration is an original by Penguin ink.

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