Henries 2019 Finalist

I’m super chuffed to have been selected as a Henries 2019 finalist in the ‘Best Art Cards Range’ category. My ‘Wild Cards’ range has been going since I started on this journey and this year I’ve added some very popular designs to it. (shop the whole range here.) There are so many wonderful publishers out there I feel really pleased to have been selected as a finalist. I now have a nail-biting few months ahead of me. At the awards dinner on the 3rd October, they will reveal the winner is.

Last year I was a finalist in the ‘Lynn Tait most promising young designer’ Award category. I was out of the country for the awards and so joined by FaceTime courtesy of Mark from Postmark on of my brilliant stockists. Sadly it wasn’t my year but I was still really happy to have been shortlisted.

This year the theme is ‘100 years of Greetings cards’ and Jay and I are planning on going along. Hopefully, this is our lucky year.

If you want to know more about the Henries 2019 read more here.