My designs are striking, bright and simple using just one or two colours to depict the shadows, highlights and character of animals concentrating on their eyes. I use simple lines and shapes to not only get lovely texture with my print form but to also suggest the character of that animal.

The sadness in the tigers eyes, the glint in the eye of the cow and flutter of the giraffe’s eyelashes. With designs such as the Bear and cub, Polar Bears and the Hippo I have used the way the light hits them to illustrate their form.

In the whole collection I’ve used just 11 colours, several of which are special mixes as I feel this bold use of colour brings the collection together.

All of the designs are produced on an original Heidelberg Platen printing press from the early 20th century, all my cards are printed on the Materica paper stock from Italian paper manufacturers Fedrigoni. Materica has a beautiful almost fabric like quality which works in perfect harmony with the letterpress printing to realise my designs and get greater impression in printing.

The way in which I use letterpress printing is modern and unique to anyone else in the industry juxtaposing the old and the new giving the work a wonderful tactile finish which can be both seen and felt. I also feel that choosing to print my cards letterpress has also shaped my design style with my economic use of bold colours mostly combining one bright with one dark to get the greatest impact.

press 3
press 4